An Angel – maybe Gabriel – handed me down this ’poem’

Just like the Red Shield family grew their evil – by sponsoring robbery on the roads –

so that people got afraid, and left to them their family gold

for them to stash it – within a bank-vault

the scammers are today’s robbers in the same manner –
and people are supposed to run for a blue-mark vertifyer

and digital ID – and cashless society.

Just ’scammers’ gets on the wallpaper that changes they call ’TV screen’ –

and so this suspicion is of course natural – but one has to learn to distinguish

Just like weak ”muslims” flood our borders –

and can’t get or understand that we Swedes generally aren’t cunning
or beg just we put out an open hand –

and suspect the blue eyes innocence – believing in Allah to be a cunning trick –

for us – to get benefits in front of others;

likewise it seems like at least the whole world –

has become afflicted with a stinginess – that really hurts: (!)

Mocking the honest soul – and buy the crap of the impostor making his role –

That he plays well as long as you benefit his plan –

but suddenly disappears – with the dreams you shared – and a big hump of your money.

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