To desire to be loved is wrong…

To desire to be loved is wrong no matter how naturally it might seem, R.H. Blyth writes. Because love is a gift, just like giftedness. You are elevated by a power stronger than yourself. That is why all such sophistic ’explanations’ about ’sacrificing myself for my family’ which goes hand in hand in the hypocrite with: ’when you have built yourself up to a position you just don’t want to jeopardize it for creti and pleti’. As Blyth also so truly points out, is that if you are not prepared to suffer, you can never be free from suffering. To desire to be loved. Your need is not the thing to be satisfied, but Allah’s need. What is Allah’s need?, Allah’s right?. That you worship Him and no one by His side. What does this mean? It means what prophet Muhammad says, that any kind of pretence is polytheism. So when you pretend to please people’s expectations on you, that is polytheism.

Alexander Dugin 18 Dec 2023: Yemen saves the face and dignity of all islamic civilization. Ready to be sacrificed. Pure shia’ attitude – suffer for the Truth and suffer more. That is the law.

To desire to be loved. That is the severer zen disease, the zen masters say: it does not take a man of great intelligence to recognize that he is riding on a donkey when he is sitting upon it. Nay!, the greater disease is to not get of the donkey when once you’ve realized that you are riding upon it. Since this cuddles you into a state of self satisfaction and self gloating which is truly below your self respect. Brothers always remember to respect yourselves and honour yourselves. Don’t try to become masters of yourselves in any hastily manner!

Do not give up your searching, the Zen master then says, the results are truly rewarding. Jack took this as benchmark, as he walked through the wagon of the commuter, seeing girls whom had just come out of adolescens, sitting there pretending to not notice him, with hearts seeming as hard as stone. ‘just that little thing!’, was their roar, even though Jack was innocent to having performed ‘that little thing’. ‘My Gosh, now I understand some of the appreciation I should have for Nils K. my predecessor, whom had to grapple with such bitch-craft day after day, year after year, until he was shot to death by the Swedish authorities on the hidden command of ‘the royals’ and ‘the academy’ just because he had made a yihadd-an-nafs, and taken his quest to find out everything about pornography. I remember him telling me about it in private: he said that already at 13 years of age, he suddenly noticed the difference in his contemporary mates: they became more and more superfluous, and he discovered by time it was because of them looking at nude pictures and pornography. Compassionate as he was, he thought that one of his aims should be to try to find out everything about it, so as to find a way out for his friends so they could become normal again. And thus he did: he said he early discerned a scary fact: not only that his contemporaries became more and more superficial because of their hidden act which nobody dared to speak, also, they became insane slowly, step by step, and did not recognize any other wrong in the world than ‘that little thing’. So mass murder in wars, like USA committing genocide in Iraq or other similar things, they didn’t affect his friends which more and more looked like zoombies as time passed, and the reason they didn’t speak but which was clear to Nils it was, was because they had gotten to a fixation that ‘that small thing’ was the only wrong in the world, a wrong which they tried their best to ‘forget’ that they themselves had committed, and was extremely judging in a promptly manner when anyone even hinted at the fact, and of course at once took the role of The Accuser, and backbited or slandered the person which wanted to bring the subject up. So, these whom became zoombies in the system, dreaming about becoming real vampires like their evil masters drinking childrens’ blood, they wanted to get real, that was their urge now, and so they were easily led into sin by their psychic disturbance, which they, like one drowning screaming for help, and when the help finally arrived, did their best to drag their saviour down with them to THE BOTTOM. THE BOTTOM was something they dreamed of, and that was one of the reasons Nils K.’s literature became such an urge for them to read, speak about, and, even though they did it reluctantly, and never so that Nils ever would notice anything, praise. Nils K. had gone to the bottom, somehow had went there and back again and survived, and such things he could tell! All the others were so utterly afraid to be judged as insane, which they really were, and so they went straight into bathing in as much sins as they possibly could commit, just TO MAKE IT REAL; what they had seen on TV, and jerked of to pornography: I HAVE TO MAKE IT FOR REAL!, was their idiot thought, not realizing that this was exactly what the whole system of ‘TV’ and ‘MASS MEDIA’ was designed for: behind all of those Holly-wood-will-never-learn depictings of scenes and “news” THAT HORRIBLE THING WAS GOING ON, and those becoming zoombies, became afflicted with the MANIA, TO MAKE IT REAL, to, THEMSELVES SOMEHOW GET INTO THE TV, and then, MAKE IT REAL. It was the same principle in The Freemason with its top of ILLUMINATI, that the poor creatures in the organisation’s lower regions, craved for THE TOP, which was to get past the 28th grade in the Scottish Rite system, because then you were told, as now a Chavalier de Solei (Knight of the sun) that all you had so far learned, was lies. Now your ILLUMINATION started, to know THE REAL FACT BEHIND, that is, you became a super criminal, like Satan believing in God, but deceiving others not to, knowing the realities behind the scenes, but fooling others that IT WASN’T HAPPENING. You became a dangerous sophist, deceiving the world, and using the obelisk system to make yourself wealthy and in power. It was a power grab; and the poor zoombies down there, they were lost, and dreamed about being able TO MAKE IT REAL, by committing as much sins as possible, and still ‘making it’, meaning, still pretending to feel good about it, and not getting in trouble for it; JUST AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, as Torsten Vik had said about Odd Wingdahl, the one whom murdered Nils K. just like Rosenkrantz had murdered Harry Martinson, a fairly great poet in the middle of the 20th Century, whom actually even received The Noble-creep prize together with Eyvind Johnson, and so, the pagan satanism spread through society, by just a simple gimmick: to depict, with a machine called CAMERA, and so get people to statue worship and idol worship. It was a simple gimmick, and quite easy to get out of: just turn the damn shit off, and be prepared to go through katharsis; yhea, usually then ‘the system’ got hold of you and judged you as insane, and that was a slow death sentence, but anyway, it was as simple beginning as that, just turn the damn shit off, and don’t commit sins; pick up William S. Burroughs authorship as Moses Staff, and let that guide you to the real experiences; how?, you quote William S. Burroughs like you had done those things yourself, and then hide your good intensions. In that way the dragon monster became real, REAL, and you came to reality, realization. Ernestus von Renteln had told Nils that he was supposed to speak the things Ernestus said to him like him himself had come to those conclusions, but Nils felt a dirt behind that member of the illuminati that hindered him from speaking such things as ‘9 out of 10 swedes should be sent to Siberia’ and similar statements, as Nils himself had come up with it. ‘Men det är vägen som är mödan värd’ (but the it the road which is the reward of the effort) as Karin Boye had it in a poem; Ernestus maybe was right somewhere, but his means to an end, Nils had felt already then, was not right.

Anyway Jack moved through the wagon having these thought in mind, when finally he saw that treasure, two young girls around 12 years of age, which he had spotted already as he stepped off the bus. Just the mere sight of them had told him with instant knowledge that they were waiting for him and wanted him, were in love with him. He sat down beside them, and watched them, as their virgin consent of not objecting to his constant gaze, were their consent of him. They were two young Turkish girls, and surely they did not have that false moral which the swedes had, that just because they were ‘under age’ (which were not even true, they had reached maturity of their sexes, probably this summer, or late summer or early autumn) he couldn’t suggest to marry them. Well, that he did with his gaze, and they became extremely satisfied with it, that he could spot on their excited and rosy faces.

Prophet Muhammad himself had spoken about this fact, clearly discovered in these end times, that the evil forces eventually will win, and then Doomsday will come. That we were in the end times of course wasn’t sure, since only Allah himself knew when enough was enough and the heavens would be coloured rosy red like burnt oil, and folded like a book you close. He had said that there will be no one more good than him after him, and asked about it, he said that after his death there will be strife, and after that evil; a sahaba then asked him: O Rasul Allah, will there be any good after that evil?, whereupon the Messenger of Allah said: yes, but it will BE MIXED. So, the fact that Nils K. had discovered was not strange, practically anybody today, when growing up, had to expose himself to all kinds of strange cults coming through the ‘education’ and decadent culture called ‘mass media’, so one could only become clean as a white sheep through the confession of faith in Allah and Islam; but still, ones mind would be mixed sort of, one would never be clean like rasul Allah himself, no crookedness in the Quran which the Messenger of Allah brought down to earth; but one could still be like in a simile: like clean. That was why the geniuses of our times and through the last centuries had been termed ‘crazy’ since they anyway came into the state of Metamorphosis, a clean state of inspiration, similar to the Messenger of Allah, when the Quran was recited to him, and he brought it down to this deplorable earth for us to have guidance. But the mixture of the evil elements, hunted such geniuses to murder them in some kind of a way, like the freemasons had done with Mozart and Schiller. And so, the words of The Messenger of God, should be interpreted like this, and people should give up the thought of someone being totally clean and unafflicted by the persecution it has gone through, and relax a little instead, accepting that one can’t make reality different from what it is.

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