Ignorance of women: to concentrate on THAT LITTLE THING – to get away from thinking there is some other wrong in the world – so they try to blow up THAT LITTLE THING – like it was the major fault – actually THE ONLY FAULT – and so they get to become beasts burning in Jahannamun.

So as soon as ‘they’ see something to their dislike (that is: non-machine like movement, which they apprehend as ‘imperfekt’, that is imperfect (imperfect in Swedish means a tempus that expresses that the verb action has taken place in past time) ) they roar in a brown-black magical silence: ‘it is that little thing!’ – the bio-energy negatively loaded then lays a blind-fold cover over the eyes of the males, and they get into a trance of envy where they become imitators of women in this aspect (and that is where to become an imitator of women begins and ends), just by the mere existence of the attitude.

“They are like cattle – or rather worse” Allahs says in the Quran about them: could there be a more stupid and ignorant attitude towards life than to presuppose such an evil creed – that the only thing that could ever be wrong with this world is ‘that little thing’?

It just looks like small-time evil since it is SO Absurd! But could there be a greater evil than ignoring all wrong and evil and oppressive things in the world – and instead just concentrating perfidious upon ‘that little thing’ – and magnifying it like it was super-important?! The answer is: no! it is evil – the quintessence of ignorance itself – and those having this attitude are meant for Hell.

Connie don Marco gjorde den här intervjun med mig i Juni 2022.

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