Beginning of Girl and the crow Part II (Part II on the blog)

They get attached to their non-attachment in a fake Buddhism that builds a dead line of a heart that has stopped out of so many minus-signs.. In that way they build squares that they ’have left behind’; if you do not fit a certain pattern, it can be you whom have a wrong politic opinion the she does not like, or your voice is insecure; they at once take that as a sign that you are attached to a picture of them, you want to include in your societal position, and so, they buy the crap of those ’hard voiced men’ that utters sentences of vulgarity like a machine, regurgitating a lot of baggage they have sniffed from this and that direction.. meekness and mildness they at once take as a proof that ’you are not hip’ and speaking mathematically, they are right, since they in their coagulated psychosis are having delusions about what that might mean, and so, they can be seen in the cinemas of today, where a film almost does not contain any dialogue, but only a lot of action.. and that’s how they are themselves, just waiting for the right timing to silence you, and make you feel dumb and speechless, since that is what they really are themselves, just that they, like the spiders they are, solves the issue by a lot of fucking.. Yhea, it is the new mode of Femme Fatal, and so that is their character in all..

Christ had said: consider the lilies of the fields!, how they grow!, they neither toil nor spin, still yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

‘yhea it changes the picture definitely – where are all these women that loves me so much?, and want sex with me.. – why do they not help me economically to have a room so that it can happen?, I mean basically are they just using me – like a whore – not paying or something? Is it some kind of a whoredom this – enslavement and never getting paid or even help in a horrible situation. The Qafrs wanting to get power over everything – economy – and now . even sexual enslavement?! Now rising it really looks like the fourth position – is occupied then – we have Nova – definitely.. when that green door between Alaska and Greenland is also occupied we have Nova. This is what people are running for it seems like – and it would be interesting when it happened definitely.

In the immemorial words of Buddha: ‘you can give without loving – but you can’t love without giving..’ and the denial of this is obviously the P.S. – the paranoid skizophrenia that the world is suffering from, to the extreme degree – that they can not even give 1 Krona for Allah’s sake, but if, it only have to be for their own benefit.

And we again repeat the French word for the evil – the sick – Le Mal – and al-malu in Arabic – means money. So I guess – Jack Black thought – I don’t sell sex – but those women – if they can love without giving – so it is like not in this case first giving – no!, – it is first – you love – and can not help to give. But they are loveless – and just for sex I guess..

And what is this paranoid skizophrenia except Nova?! Straight down the drain sort of.. – when the NO-sphere is projected upon the true Kingdom-ship – the Majesty – then the whole world just ‘bamp’ And that might just be as well – so we don’t have to have this hell..’

And Ryokan the fool and Japanese poet said about this:

‘though I tell myself not to think about it – still I think about it – and wet my sleeves thinking about it..’

The word of Allah – for 99,99% of earth inhabitants is like medicine they don’t like – in this socialistic lie – “just take a little so-called ‘medicine’ – have a little help – little security – while we experiment on you..” – and people are supposed to buy that crap: “is he getting poor?! – I will not give him anything either – cause I hate these Allah’s words is like medicine I don’t like – but! – shouldn’t he be like betrayed?, and sent back to the concentration camp?!”

So – Arvid Falk in beginning of Strindberg’s ‘The Red Room’ expresses that he avoids stealing confidences. Everything with a King has to be translucent – the intention shall never be to spy upon others – like Rasulallah says – ‘avoid to spy upon others’ – “can we change place?” the girl sitting with her back to Jack Black asked the bartender – her friend, another girl, looked upon her in shock – they were both eager to exchange glances with Jack Black.. ‘I can not force her’ the bartender answered. The girl then asked if the bar-tender couldn’t ask Jack about the issue.. ‘no, can not say that’ the bar-tender answered. ‘The last time will come about – as an improvement of love-life’ William Blake reveals in The marriage of Heaven and Hell. The hearts of those women – had shrunk to the size of a pea – and only beat for fame and money.

In the beginning of ‘Lady Chatterleys lover’ by D.H. Lawrence, he quotes the Bible: ‘you shall have men to speak with’ – though – who is paying the things?, ; the women of course.

‘a rich woman is better than a poor’ – Rasulallah says – if you want me to be able to do something – then why don’t you give me some cash so I could do something?

So anyone whom has ever had statue-worshipping marks attached to his person is like driven by the NO-sphere – to ‘study-study-study’ – to become a constructor of tall buildings – but actually the building itself is like a symbol of the obelisk – what does this mean? – that they are forced to serve the evil of the empire of vampires. So this is then the gimmic of the Qafristic system which we have. The feeling of reality is coming back to the one inflicted with statue-worshipping marks whom he is pressed down like that – and that feeling in him is like a relief – like it’s an moralistic thing; ‘well.. I have to live up to society – I have to ‘be something’ and achieve something – so I can pay back my ‘horrible debt’ (reverent timbre in the voice), which will ‘never go away’ (reverent timbre in the voice once again)..

Yes.. – the alternative for the poor soul of a bastard is horrifying: THE CHRIST VICTIM becomes – slowly tortured to death – first they put them in the torture..

THE WASHING MACHINE – it is called – and when they after awhile look like shit to look at – unattractive and stupid – they make some small case against them – and judge them for some small offence they look for – THE POLICE STATE CALL – enslaving them – then their slow doom is practically finished – by time – step by step – they slowly diminishing.

Even with back-up – you then stand no chance – if you get no economical support. Prophet Muhammad made freeing slaves a fantastic virtue – and Allah mentions that in the Quran – but those Christ-victims could never become free – once ‘diagnosed’ that was it – a life-long persecution awaited. So they needed perpetual economical support also.

And the economical support could be frozen at any time by those Qafrs – and basically Agenda 2030 – expounding everyone should have that same situation. ‘you will own nothing and be happy’. ‘Dear friend Monseur Putin – Göran – well – he’s good – he has his opinions – we might not like them – but he has to be able to have them – and I guarantee him definitely work protection in my Naqshbandi school – it might not be like the best thing you know that I say this – but anyway at least in public, but Göran is seen as a friend – searching for truth to humanity.’

The hostel by Kongens Nytorv in Central Copenhagen, had temptingly cheap prizes. Jack Black had no money in the long run to pay a Hotel room – so he really had no better choice. The place was chosen by Eynaar, whom he was dependent on to pay; with Jack’s own money, the bill, since the authorities had frozen his ability to pay electronically, and many places had stopped taking cash-money. Interesting fact Jack detected quite soon, was that the Hostel sold “private rooms” where girls sold themselves for sex. “a sex.. I mean, a six-bed private room for 1 night.. let me see… ehh – 1996 Danish kronor..’

This was astonishing prize! Since a usual bulk bed cost 110 Danish kronor..

There had been some guys sitting there – a group of 6 actually – from some Arab country – it was only them left and Jack Black and the waitress..

Suddenly one of them shouted to the waitress as they were leaving: “I’ve been living in Denmark 22 years.. welcome lady!”

And she asked: “where are you from?!”

They only made noise, and asked her the same question.. “Poland..” she said.. “Poland.. poule.. poule-ice..” Jack Black saw the symbolism like in postponed reaction, his mind was made like that; his character genuinely was naïve – and so – his brain had – maybe as a protective reaction – developed the quality of registering – when something was wrong or hidden.. but usually such insight was not instantly like it was now, but coming with time – or after some time.. Like Allah says in the Quran:

“and you will know the wisdom of it after awhile..”

Jack Black thought: “if they can do like that they can probably sell the skin of anyone..”

And these that do not help me for Allah’s sake, they can stand there with their disguises and their veils – just like some astronaut costume –

The Soviet Union sent a letter to NASA in USA and asked ‘how you make such fantastic outfits that works out in space?!’ NASA answered: ‘these does not work out in space, they are just theatre costumes..’

“we never went to the moon, those are just theatre costumes we used in a studio..”

As that group of 6 had been leaving – they joked with the alone waitress in a most owldacious way – and insinuated ‘we meet later’ and then suddenly that call had come after they’d left – and the girl was anxious to get Jack away from the reception desk – while he had only thought about how to protect her from getting raped. She had barred the entrance with a broom made of metal – interlocking the metal handles that stuck to the glass door that was the reception door of the hostel.. And Jack Black suddenly found himself alone with her there..

Jack Black in a fear to get ambushed suddenly alone there with the waitress, had locked the door that led to the stair-well that led up to the hostel rooms, after that Arab gang of 6 had walked out. Jack Black had said: ‘well – I lock it so that no one can come in..’

‘now you have to go!’ the girl suddenly said, and Jack Black felt in the words a protectiveness she could not help but to feel for him. ’now you have to go out and I have to lock it!’ the woman at the reception had said once again.

That really showed what a poor thought she thought Jack Black’s life was worth anything, and her life of course must be worth immensities in her view, since she had money, and was fucked for money, and Jack Black was out of money. She barring the front door with a broom of metal through the double handles, and Jack Black just locking the door to the stairwell with a click, to avoid getting ambushed suddenly. Jack Black had asked: ‘how do you get in tonight?, is the code ‘9999’?’, and she hadn’t answered. ‘And when Jack Black after some tiredness and freezing after one month came back it was only his house left standing..’ Jack Black had a vision of his hometown that had driven him into this exile, as he walked those streets all night in Copenhagen, afraid to fall asleep and waking up with a knife through his throat.. And he could then greet the wonderful audience of his Naqshbandi school out there on the streets of central Copenhagen.

“And as Jack Black came back to Stockholm, the city was in ruins.. just his house was the one still standing, only problem was he did not have a key to the door, since the pouléice had broken his locks to look for him, before the city got bombed to pieces..” Jack Black saw the scenario in front of his eyes, and it amused him.

‘The hostel it seems’ Jack Black had a vision of thought as he walked through the crowded city streets of Copenhagen, the time ticking towards 2 o’clock AM, and lots of people laughing relieved seeing him, and talking, joking and greeting his hand, ‘the hostel has bedbug rooms, and that is probably their trick to fool young women into prostitution.. they gave them a bed with bedbugs, and when they complained, they were offered ‘an exclusive room’ – and then they were to be tempted gradually into thinking they ‘had a debt’, ‘a loan of money’ to the guys running the hostel, and gradually ‘pay it back’ by sexual services and contact to these men. By time they would get used to being fucked for money..

And nurse Kalle said to Jessica Pestica in Stockholm:

‘shouldn’t we stop this.. I mean.. we said that Jack Black was totally healthy, he was just going to have a call.. the meeting to be written out of the system.. prepared and now the Russian military is prepared, because of our oppression over this world famous character, to destroy everything, every house in the vicinity of Stockholm, the whole capital of Sweden, except, Jack Black’s house of course, shouldn’t we think that maybe he was right, that the beginning of this law – what he was sentenced for – that the Russian military would come, to his aid, if you interrupted his activities in Stockholm.. isn’t that then logical?!’ Kalle says to Jessica Pestica – ‘that to suppose that he was right in this supposition? Just think about this with the geo-political situation.. we are in right now with the real-politics.. yhea.. isn’t that logical?’ Kalle is asking Jessica Pestica adding: ‘I am just asking..’

‘Isn’t it logical’ Kalle is asking Jessica Pestica, ‘to suppose this statement was based on actual facts?! On reality? And not on some mental disease or delusion.. some serious psychic disease.. I am just asking..’

Once again Jack Black saw that vision of his home-city in ruins, before his inner eyes..

‘Paradise can be likened to when our imagination has merged with Allah’s will –

And everything we thus desires

Allah fulfilles’

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