The girl and the crow – New book out now

Backside text:
The relationship between a man and a woman that seemed to begin so very
promising and simple, is turning out into a veritable Hell, as Big PHarma
and Cow-id hysteria hits the planet Psychopathia at one and the same time..
The man, a great Sufi poet, is hunted by the Industry as a perfect victim of
their black magic, and the woman, as usual not understanding anything
unless her husband expounds it for her, is losing her senses in jealousy..
‘So it is obvious, the theory we have in this new book, they killed Nils
K. the Nova-police agent, because they wanted to steal the kingdom of
heaven , and that theory was obviously right, and that is why they
wanted to enslave Nils K. and all those other torture things and finally
killed him. And in time when his yihadd struggle became more and
more successful for Nils K. they put on more and more enslavement.
Until finally they enslaved his economy, since money is freedom from
sins in this world, and they wanted all the money=freedom from sins,
and Nils K. being enslaved=no freedom from sins. Then, building up a
’solve’ through his work, they wanted that to coagulate as to steal Nils
K.’s kingdom of heaven, and then torture him. Then ’releasing’ him
again with the impression they were ’heroes’ whom through money
and fame (the devil) ’saved the situation ’ and thereby wanted to
appear as ’saviours’. So at the same time as they crucified Christ, stole
his Kingdom of heaven, and smeared his innocence with their own sins
and put him in Death in the ovens, they also stole his title and claimed
it their own. And that was why they shot Nils K.
Thus Nils K. died as Mahdi, and Christ telling him ’the adhan was
done for you’, and now Jack Black had inherited the title.

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