Sweden 2020 – a brainwashed state of vampires

Sweden 2020 concentrating all negativity on the scapegoat – here called p.s. They say is an ‘incurable disease’ (that someone might actually be blessed with divinity, instead of catching the first fly they can get hold of, and like a spider digest it, making some more cobweb they call literature as to catch more … dreaming of a tasty bird finally…) no one is supposed to notice the real culprits.

Such a person can be the health of the world, (a fountain where the water is ever fresh, instead of a cistern, that is supposed to be transported back and forth, and the content rotting, like the living rest…) But that’s not enough… like Joseph K. in The Process – they will cut his heart wide open.

Actually, he has to be much more healthy and virtuous-minded than the others – otherwise he’s untrusted and gets screwed by societies’ pliers. The least insecurity in his voice, makes the others suspect, ‘that one is a skizo-friend’.

The state Jahbulon dreamed of long ago, where the kitty-on-the-catwalk gets you into a trance, then, you get battered, with insults that dance – and – in panic you fly straight into the trap: the spider(‘s web), is enhanced.

It is the angels – who rule the weathers – an enormous fountain bearer. Everything depends upon the mind – from the intention, the given situations arise. I’m no wretched poet – but an Imam – the vampires fight against me reaching Paradise. That’s why, I’m in relation to my ‘crime’ the most hunted man in (at) this very time. Surely I’m no spy(der), but an honest man, doing Allahs work on earth.

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