Review Will Pedicone’s song ’Maybe’

’I thought that maybe, since I was ain’t seen’ – yhea, that was good expressed by Will Pedicone in the song Maybe to express how the evil eye of Sauron is present in your life until the sin of statue worship is burnt down, when you have watched something forbidden. It is enough to watch, don’t fool yourself. If you think of yourself standing in the middle, and before you is the scene, the memory of the scene that you watched, pornography, or silly movie or something which is a depicting of something forbidden, that gets stuck in your brain. As soon as you because of the discomfort of that memory becomes an actor in real life instead, where you go over into the polytheism Prophet Muhammad warned us for saying: Every kind of pretence is a kind of polytheism. Then the eye of Sauron, that evil eye, comes as a shadow over you from behind, and you are sucked in to becoming a servant of evil. That Will Pedicone expresses quite accurately, though with angst in his voice, in his song ’Maybe’, alluding to: ’may it be’ (that is: may my experience which I have come possessed by become real), and ’maybe that relationship would have been, just I hadn’t watched’, or, when asked about the subject: have you watched?, ’Maybe’; which takes us back to the victim of particularly this evil possessiveness, standing there in the middle, between beheld, and becoming, not only beheld, but slowly devoured by the evil eye of Sauron.

Is the statement in the head-line real?, if so it sounds like bushra. ’Wa Bashirina aladina amanu’ Qu’ran 2:25

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