’Psychiatry’ is a deceptive form of Satanism to protect the idols and their worshippers

The willful identification that is experienced in the so-called ”psychotic” with a personal experience of being the one the popular artworks of the time is speaking to, is a kind of monotheism, a kind of Yihadd-an-nafs, where you sacrifice your own person in a fight about the spiritual right to an artwork. And the outcome of such a fight could just as well be, that the artwork now belongs to thee. Get it?, my friend.. As Wittgenstein pointed out so clearly, you can only hear God speak to you when you are the one He is speaking to, not in third person, that is a grammatical remark. So, the believing mind, the monotheistic sense of artistry, the artistically gifted mind, apprehends something which it thinks eternal, but in the way stands the idol-ship of ’the creators’ of the piece. Then, it begins to desire the thing to be returned to its source, and by this wish, it identifies with the art-piece like it was speaking TO THEM.. And here is exactly why so-called ’psychiatry’ today is totally brain-dead and satanical: it denies us the right to this experience of God speaking to us, that is, it denies us our only real direct connection with God, and calls us ’psychotics’ when we even just hint at such a possibility that the art-work guarded by economical interest of idol-hood speaks directly to us, IS for us. That is the tragedy of our time; the depicted idol-worship that society forces upon us through television, newspapers and radio-stations serving this evil agenda. Any attempt to break free from Satan’s shackles imposed by these mass-medias, is met with contempt from the authorities, and a claim that ’you are insane’ and then comes their ’medicine’ which is just pure junk.

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