Like Goethe their only attachment is to non-attachment

They get attached to their non-attachment in a fake Buddhism that builds a dead line of a heart that has stopped out of so many minus-signs.. In that way they build squares that they ’have left behind’; if you do not fit a certain pattern, it can be you have a wrong politic opinion the she’s does not like, or your voice is insecure; they at once take that as a sign that you are attached to a picture of them, you want to include in your societal position, and so, they buy the crap of those ’hard voiced men’ that utters sentences of vulgarity like a machine, regurgitating a lot of bagage they have sniffed from this and that direction.. meekness and mildness they at once take as a proof that ’you are not hip’ and speaking mathematically, they are right, since they in their coagulated psychosis are having delusions about what that might mean, and so, they can be seen in the cinemas of today, where a film almost does not contain any dialogue, but only a lot of action.. and that’s how they are themselves, just waiting for the right timing to silence you, and make you feel dumb and speechless, since that is what they are really themselves, just that they, like the spiders they are, solves the issue by a lot of fucking.. Yhea, it is the new mode of Femme Fatal, and so that is their character in all..

Christ had said: consider the lilies of the fields!, how they grow!, they neither toil nor spin, still yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

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