Excerpts from ’The girl and the crow’ (2021)

as Christ points out in the gospels:

the greater shall serve these my little ones..

the opposite principle of gravity, where a small object is drawn towards the bigger heavenly body..

and that was one of the holy principles of Thorstein Vik’s genial teachings..

And as Rasulallah says: every action is judged according to it’s intention.. a man will only have what he intended..

And thus we can say, that Nils K. even though he is documented in books, and videos interviews , radio programs, TV programs, articles, songs etc. to have statue-worshipped, he have never actually done it, but all the time followed the guidance of Allah in his innocence.. from that point on from his first innocent proposition..

And that is the point of the fable The poor thing, by R.L. Stevenson..

Rasulallahs advice as he was asked: Ya Prophet! Give me advice!

’Do not be angry’ Prophet Muhammad said.. is connected with Allah’s statement in Sura Al Hotamah; that HOTAMAH, is a fire which Allah enkindles..

and this makes us think about those two stories about the different Japanese painters whom painted a dragon in the roof of the Dharma hall:

one of them was instructed by a master:

there will come a time, when the dragon will urge you to give it form; then you will know how to paint..

This was the answer to that artist’s plea: I have never seen a live dragon, how could I then paint one??!

The other painter, wanted very much to see a dragon so that he could paint one.. Time passed, and suddenly one peeked in through the window and said: here I am ! Paint me!

That artist got thunderstruck with fear, and fainted on the spot.. thus he never got to have a good look at the dragon, which then disappeared..

Suzuki says about this, that; ‘no picture of a live dragon came out of that second artist’s pencil.. but the picture came out of the first artist, can now be seen in the Dharma hall of Daitokuji Temple of Tokyo in Japan..’

In Japan especially, Suzuki says, dragons are seen in a positive connotation, a negative dragon somehow being like someone who is trying to steal the skin of a lion.. Just like Aleister Crowley, the horrible black magician that was Winston Churchill’s teacher, dressed in a lion skin, and called himself ‘The beast 666’..

”Let the believers fingers interlace before it is too late, we help each other in virtue and not in sin and transgression..

Use all my salary, Metallica with Metal Militia and Trump, to protect Monseur Poutin my friend in Russia, send in Intelligence Service to protect his life.. that he, my friend survives this, is most important for me..”

Jack Black was sitting on a crowded café full of Copenhagen girls near the Copenhagen main-library, giving directions to his friends in the USA in this subject.

There was two girls that had come and seated themselves on the table next to Jack Black’s.. The one who was facing him, this Jack Black could see, was obviously very much in love with him.. The other girl at times turned around and looked at Jack Black, like a little disturbed but still smiling..

Finally the girl that was not facing Jack Black went to the waiter, and when the waiter came to the table she said to the waiter:

Can we exchange places!!?

The waiter said that he can not force the girl, her female friend to exchange places with her..

That big pull the other girl also had to see Jack Black and glance incendiary at and towards him..

”The air is free if you are in the air” Jack Black contemplated to himself, ’you get it?’

”Without safety, aslama, security, there is no Islam, Prophet Muhammad said.. that is why I went to Copenhagen, because Sweden had become a rogue state, where horror was ruling; and I have hopes that my friend Monseur Poutin will perform operation RR to protect our honour, blood and property, that is also including, to protect our lives, so that I can live free in my home-country Sweden again.. it seems like these witch-dictoctors never want to quit their persecution at all..

it is very dangerous for me, Jack Black, being so famous as being the one following Nils K. the famous Nova-police, having become appointed as Imam of The New Religion, to sleep at a hostel and not in a hotel in an own room..”

I will not open my door /

I will not go out in the night..

Just so you know.. /

if that fuzz agent, expert in sneaking /

should get unaware/and someone else forcing the door..

I will not open/just so you know

The first thing that had happened to Jack Black, as he because of lack of money had been forced to take shelter in a hostel instead of a hotel-room, had been that some gypsies had tried to start a fight..

when the hostel had moved him to another room and when he came back at night, it turned out that 3 hot women were laying there waiting for him..

He thought he can’t go to sleep anyway because the doors at this hostel were not locked..

the women had begun to pull their vaginas, and Jack Black had been laying there, getting a hard-on.. and the women had not stopped, for hours he had heard the voice of their vaginas and his hard-on was just pulsating.. finally towards morning hours he squirmed in his sheets where bed-bugs were crawling around big as large ticks, and could relax a little..

he went out early in the morning, greeting the wonderful city of Copenhagen..

’One sex-slave many sex-slaves’ Jack Black philosophized.. ’It usually happens every night, just that this very night these very sex-slaves happened to be in the same room.. so naturally these very sex-slaves occupying the air-space made it through since they were in the same room, through my lack of money.. that was as simple as it is..’

‘And anyone saying that I jerked-off is telling a lie, I don’t ever do that.. a cold-fusion reaction is love, like it says in the Gospels: God is love, and this is why Allah is not in any way a super-ego: And so many times Allah repeats in the Quran that he has no children.. It is like a healthy human does not interfere except by mere instinct in the movements of nature: a cat is a cat wanting to take that duck lying on her eggs, and the duck is a duck.. The yellow cowness of sentimentality would try to interfere somehow, but all of those things are in this case wrong: when did we ever hear a beautiful super-ego song?

And that is always their argument:

but how can you choose poverty when you can like have money and security??! and socialistic state? let us just experiment a little on you and torture you and such things..

Well, to hell with all those argumentations for a black hole, and let us come on with a real glorious war!

”Just take a little so called ’medicine'” the socialistic lie runs like a plague across the world, and Rasulallah says that 99% of the people goes to Hell..

”we have a little security for you, a little experimentation”

”Is he getting poor??! Then give him what he dislikes.. cause I also really hate these Allah’s words, which is like a medicine I don’t like.. but!, shouldn’t he be like treason.. a traitor, and sent back to the concentration camp??!”

”And I’m a nazi thinking that human reasoning stands above Allah’s laws.. What Allah says is Al Haqq, The Truth.. and we call this nazi-syndrome, The Jew socialism..” and both Sweden and Denmark were included in the Jew-Union..

And people are supposed to buy that, while the nazis of Ukraine behaves like the Red Army of the second world war, and the Russians behave like the nazis in the 2nd world war, but even better we hope.. not like Hitler leaving the country totally massacred after the top politicians have fled.. And those socialists brainwashed still go around whispering, like some kind of boring shit-talk, that makes you totally lose interest in them at once: ’he’s a nazist’, and they themselves are idiots, fragmented fucks whom roam around in false morals, boasting with ’ideals’ but that can never behave idealistic so full of bullshit and lies, that their corpse just stinks the day they die..

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