Answer to marwa osman’s Rant on Redacted News today

Marwa osman is so wrong. Better get me upon the program which abides in stockholm and also muslim. What is HER hypocrisy! Does not she know that the tradition of QURAN burning which was initiated by RASMUS PALUDAN from denmark is a political point and has not a thing to do with religion, just like the people invading sweden on the urge of george soros open society foundation coming from MENA, cuts the throats of swedish youth and raping the girls has nothing with religion to do, or these terrorists having high-jacked ISLAM takes over area after area funding themselves with swedish tax-money. Swedish people are far more important in the eyes of allah, than a copy of the holy quran which a danish politicians has bought and decides to burn in public to make the political point that the original inhabitants of sweden has become occupied by terrorists debasing ISLAM by their very existence.(?). And sweden is NOT A NATO COUNTRY, and will probably not be. The man whom burned the quran outside the big mosque in stockholm recently is from IRAQ and probably a MOSSAD AGENT, and had just received permission to stay in sweden up to three years. Why are stupid IRAQIS not revolting against themselves (by their logic) it surely was an iraqi that burned the quran! Why are they not seeing the obvious elephant in the room, that their own people flood my country and make a very bad impression indeed, expounding that ISLAM=terrorism! Of course then someone whom does not know an iota of islam gets the rebellious idea of burning the quran. Those hellish terrorists which makes this very bad impression of islam will certainly burn in hell. Allah says that if a group of people commit something wrong because of the oppression done to them, one shall help neither, despite that one group might call themselves ’muslims’And i think allah is more apt to forgive rasmus paludan and the like, even though they burn their own copy of the quran to protest against swedish people being severely oppressed by both their internationalistic government and the fake ”muslims” coming here. Why? Since rasmus and his ilk at least cared more for people and justice than dogmas and principles and i do too even though i myself would never burn my copies of the quran. Redacted is at least in this marwa osman segment hitting very far off the mark indeed. /mProphet muhammad says that one of the types of persons whose supplication allah always grants is the oppressed, and Allah Himself as He says in the quran is apt to forgive danish rasmus paludan and his ilk since they do wrong because of the oppression of a people (the internationalists and their dogs of hell).That cant marwa osman is ranting i have heard too many times to not understand what it means; she thinks that beautiful phrases and sentences have anything to do with religion, in fact she fancies that it is religion itself. Then she fancies allah as some vacuum cleaner whom automatically forgives her and her clan’s sins just they adhere to the ritual, this is no more than a pathetic fallacy and is group egoistic; it is just a way that the group fools itself to justify a racism against in this case for example swedes instigated by the devil in this case propagated and advocated by ’open society foundation’. It has no ties with true religion and is pornographic in its nature adhering to the reward system in the human nerves: I rant up this shit sounding nice and then my clan I refer to as ’1,3 million people’ will reward me with salary and sex and I will have status in that group. It is sounding like that probably as long as the devil gives exactly their group priviledges over others. This is what col douglas macgregor refers to as ’the stupidity of the winners of a war’. They think themselves to be GOD’S chosen while in fact they are so screwed and fooled. It was actually the devil they were driven by and whom let them win.

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