.. And that was how number zero was discovered

And the monk in India was like ’heureka! I think I see something! Wait a second! All these others have been wrong!! I was right sitting now my 40th year in meditation! All these other fools begin at one-step two-step three-o clock rock! It’s a one for the money two for the show three get ready now go cat go!! But they have all been wrong! Since they started with 1! But I see something wait a second!..

They claimed I was crazy and wrong: ‘Nothing! What do you speak about nothing you nut-case’ and hit me on the head! But now I see it!! It is nothing! It is ZERO!’ and that was how the number zero was discovered.

William Blake presages cold fusion, speaking in the Argument of The marriage of heaven and hell that the last time will come about as an improvement of love life.. In the same poetry collection in the section ’Proverbs of Hell’ he states right out that ’eternal delight is energy’ or written differently; energy is eternal delight.

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